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Eng. Raya became Federal and State Judicial Expert and work in the preparation of Technical Reports in the lawsuits of Tax Classification of Goods and in the areas of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering. He can also be Technical Assistant of the company preparing Technical Reports of machines and equipment.

In partnership with law firms, Raya Expert provides technical assistance in lawsuits involving mechanical and electronic engineering questions, also in tax classification of goods.

These reports comprise the strategy stages, preparation of the requirements for the expert evidence, monitoring of the expert in the inspection and presentation of the report or technical opinion.

Specialized expert assistance in judicial and administrative defenses to identify the tax classification of goods and their impact on the calculation of customs taxes and taxes on manufactured goods

The purpose of Raya Expert's technical assistance in judicial and administrative proceedings is to analyze the assessment notice and the basement described in the legal framework for tax classification and justifications. Our engineers will technically analyze the goods, main function and accessories, descriptions in the technical manual, with possessions of this information, the contracting company will be able to have a broad view of the process, not only technically, but also in the tariff issue.

Defense strategy with the elaboration of the justification of the tax classification of goods

Look for, through a unique strategy, the defense of the tax classification of goods, in accordance with the General Rules for the Interpretation of the Harmonized System (RGI) to assist law firms in the preparation of administrative or judicial defense, inserting the main elements of conviction, based on the practices adopted by the World Customs Organization and years of experience of our expert.

Technical Assistance in judicial proceedings, monitoring of judicial expert in the proceedings, preparation of specific technical report

We can provide technical assistance in lawsuits in the areas of Mechanics / Electrical, from the preparation of questions to be answered by the Judge Expert; to the follow-up in the proceedings and supplementary report.

The scope of this service, beyond the analysis of the case, is mainly to elucidate certain deadlock issues, using all the evidence to form the convincing matter.