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Acting in the International Trade area for over 22 years, Raya Consult has been developing solutions for its clients in many Import and Export Processes, such as: Customs Expertise, Technical Reports of Classification of Import and Export Goods, Judicial and Administrative Defense, allied to training of Classification of Goods.

Has your company ever had a tax assessment notice filed by the IRS regarding an incorrect classification of goods or have you ever filed a lawsuit to defend the tax classification of your merchandise?

We have a team of experts in Engineering and Foreign Trade, we present in our projects an advisory with effective results, satisfying our customers in all processes, always maintaining the higher quality level, meeting deadlines and confidentiality of data and information.

Tax Classification Analysis

The Tax Classification or Merceological Analysis is made by the technical analysis of the goods, we study the origin, composition, manufacturing, operation, technology applied, and based on this we can determine the best tax classification of it according to the Common External Tariff (TEC) and the Explanatory Notes of Harmonized System (NESH).

This study defines all taxes involved in importing and exporting a commodity. A previous study makes the company to determine the viability of a project, minimizing future risks.

Our specialists are trained internationally to be able to offer to the companies in the most diverse segments the best in understanding of Tax Classification.

We serve our customers very efficiently.

Looking for a company specialized in commodity tax classification studies and analysis?

Contact Raya Consult for more information about how we can assist you.


The Ex-tariff consists of the temporary reduction of the tax rate of importation of capital goods (BK) and information technology and telecommunication (BIT), thus written in the Mercosur Common External Tariff (TEC), when there is no national production equivalent, in other words, represents a reduction in the investment cost.

Raya Consult is a company specialized in elaborating technical reports to request this benefit. We have in our history many cases where entire factories could benefit of this and expanded their facilities in our country.

Many companies are unaware of this benefit that the Brazilian government offers. If you have questions about whether you can benefit an ex-tariff talk to Raya Consult, our team will be happy to advise you.

Issuance of Technical Report for ex-tariff framework purposes, including surveys, if necessary

Very often the company has doubts if their equipment fits into a current Ex Tariff at TEC. In order not to incur the risk of importation and customs clearance fines, Raya Consult can carry out a preliminary study whether or not framing the merchandise in an existing Ex-Tariff. This technical report may be supplemented by a survey on the place where the goods are located and having all the photographic coverage necessary to prove the final opinion.

Interested in knowing if your merchandise can be classified in a current Ex Tariff at TEC? Get in touch with our experts, Raya Consult has a multidisciplinary team that will advise you right now with all the seriousness your company deserves.

Survey report and valuation of used goods and their developments

The Technical Report for appraisal of used goods and its physical survey is the most effective way to meet all the requirements for a successful operation. Our engineers have international experience and can get work done quickly and efficiently, eliminating all possible future problems.

We were able to deliver a detailed technical report where the professional will have all the answers and will not find future surprises.

This report aims to determines the value of each equipment in used condition, analyzing, spare parts, their operational and technical conditions, and determines its correct "book value".

We also have experience in elaborating reports of production line and transferring whole lines to Brazil.

If you are interested in this service, contact Raya Consult engineers and find out why our Machine Evaluation customers are so pleased with our services.

Report for Temporary Export

Temporary Exports is a customs procedure that allows the departure of goods from the country, with the suspension of export taxes, for repair, warranty exchange, leasing, tests, exhibitions, among other purposes, and it must return to the country within a specified time. The Technical Report for Temporary Exportation aims at the identification, quantification and technical-tariff specification of the goods to be temporarily exported.

In addition to streamlining the entire operation, this process eliminates any doubts about the nature and appearance of the goods in Brazil and the destination place.

Contact Raya Consult for more information on how we can assist you.

Reports for Temporary Admission

Temporary Admission is a procedure that allows the importation of goods that must remain in the country for a fixed period, with suspension of taxes, returning abroad, without undergoing modifications that give them new individuality.

The Report for Temporary Admission is a logistic and merceological work of identification, discrimination and tariff classification of goods for Import Licensing purposes.

In addition to the Temporary Admission Report, Raya Consult offers many services related to import and export operations. Consult our experts.

Import License of Used Goods

The Import License acts as an authorization to import certain goods.

Most goods are dismissed from Import License, but there are some goods subject to licensing.

Raya Consult supports its customers in obtaining licenses to import used machinery and equipment. We elaborated the technical report of inspection and evaluation abroad. We have a specialized team to define the correct texts to be used in import documents.

If you are in doubts if your company can ask for an Import License, contact Raya Consult and rest assured.

Official Tariff Classification Consultation with the Brazilian IRS

And when is the suggested Tax Classification is not 100%? In Brazil only the IRS Official Consultation will give the company this certainty.

If the company wishes, by an official consultation, it can ask IRS for a solution to impasses in the Tax Classification of Goods, thus obtaining a Consultation Solution where their imports will be officially based.

Raya Consult has engineers able to formulate the best consultation in order to clarify the IRS Technicians so that they can have all the technical information and thus obtain the best decision making for the perfect tax classification of the product.

Interested in this type of service? Talk to Raya Consult experts and get the best technical advice on Tariff Consulting.

Asset Evaluation

Raya Consult can conduct all asset surveys and valuations for accounting purposes (asset revaluations, corporate spin-offs, etc.), bank guarantees or legal proceedings; our engineers are specialized in the entire asset valuation process. Call us and see how Raya Consult can advise you.

Technical Report for Tax Classification of Goods addressed to the customs authority

Its purpose is to determine the tax classification of the goods, and may be used for customs clearance, being elaborated in the molds that are required by Tax Auditors of IRS. The purpose of this report is to subsidize the IRS tax auditor in the customs clearance, having its Technical-Tariff basis, according to General Rules of Interpretation of Harmonized System.

A point to be highlighted in this type of services is to mitigate the possible errors of description and tax classification of goods, since the Raya Consult Team will technically analyze the functionality of the goods, check the descriptions in the technical manual and also inform which are the determinant elements for the use of the tariff code.

Analysis and study in relation to SKD (Semi Knock Down) and CKD (Complete Knock Down) special regimens

This is an economic feasibility study for the importation of goods for companies where the tax classification of the goods that constitute the product will be determined, value and taxes, and with this information Raya Consult engineers will analyze and determine to the customer a solution to constitute a manufacturing unit or purchase the constituent items of the product in the local market (Brazil).

Goods Tax Classification Courses

One of the biggest difficulties for foreign trade professionals is to be sure and safe of correct use of TEC (Common External Tariff). In response to numerous requests from our clients, we have developed a commodity classification course where our main objective is to develop and improve the existing skills of professionals; It also warns about the importance of understanding and knowing the products that will be classified, making the professional at the end of the course familiarize the process and always be alert to the inaccurate classification of the goods.

This Commodity Tax Classification course is designed for Foreign Trade (Import and Export) professionals; professionals who work directly with the tax classification of products in the domestic or foreign market; engineers who provide technical product information to classification professionals and / or produce Technical Reports; professionals linked in some way with the product tax classification process and those interested in the subject in general.

Come learn in a simple and uncomplicated way, with a clear and objective approach. Together with practical examples and real situations, the speaker makes participants to understand the importance of tax classification within a process of importation and exportation of goods.

The course is taught by Eng. Roberto Raya, a professional who has renowned reputation and recognition in the Brazilian Foreign Trade; active in the customs area, has several specialization courses in the area held in Brazil and also in Brussels at the WCO - World Customs Organization.

All training provided by Raya Consult can also be conducted in your company, tailored to your organization's specific goals, including practical examples tailored to it. If you are interested, contact our team and learn how we can help you.